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Naval Academy Caught Up in Reverse Discrimination Over Diversity Goals

Naval Academy diversity programs speak of the insanity of affirmative action. This current class graduating in 2013 has 35% non-whites, more than any other class in the history of this great institution. Non-whites are essentially on separate tracks, but it is completely denied. We need a reality check in the world, namely that the best person for the job, gets the job; the most qualified and capable. Nowhere is this more important in our society or civilization than in our military.It’s great to have diversity goals; that’s wonderful, but in the end you must pick the best to serve, that is if you want the best military to protect the American People. Anything less does a complete disservice to our needs in protecting this great nation, as we have build up a great country and we must protect it, and we also have obligations to our allies and economic interests around the world.Speaking of the world, there is a lot at stake and the global community is also counting on us. Consider if you will the pirate threats off the Somalia Coastline? It’s just too important for the United States Navy to get caught up in reverse discrimination issues. The US Naval Academy has always and should always stand for more; a cut above. If not, it discredits its name and great heritage.We must dump the political correctness driving this perversion, and always seek the best candidate to be entrusted with our Naval Assets. I hope you will consider this serious issue and ask that our nation, and military acts in the most ethical way. Think on this.


Skinceuticals Blemish+Age Defense Acne Treatment, 1.0 Fluid Ounce

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